One face in 30,000 with CF

One face in 30,000 with CF
One of the many faces of Cystic Fibrosis

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So my little pumpkin turned 2 on Thursday. I took tons of pictures and they will be coming soon but this will be a short post, we had a party today and I am TIRED. She enjoyed opening the presents and playing with the paper, with very little regard to what was in the package. She loved the balloons we got her and played with those non stop. She loved being the life of the party and she knew everyone was there to see her. That kid knows how to turn on the drama to get attention. She had a good time I think.

Randy and I got her a bunk bed for her birthday. I am not ready for her to be in a big girl bed but she is getting so tall I slam her legs against the crib when I put her in and then I feel bad. "Why a bunk bed" you say? Well we live in a small house and although we love it, we do not have the space for a spare bedroom. We got a bunk bed with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. Enough for 3 girls. Zoey, of course will be on the bottom until she is older. My two nieces stay with us for part of the summer and with this new bed I am hoping we feel less crowded. They will have a place to sleep and we will not be tripping over blankets all summer. Plus my mom stays with us a lot and now she will also have a place to sleep. Anyway I hope everyone is doing great!!!! I will post pictures as soon as I download them. Life is still a little crazy, Zoey is in a serious mommy stage. She does not give me time to clean or cook or anything. When she and I are home she is always grabbing my hand and taking me to whatever toy she wants to play with. I am her best playmate right now and I would not have it any other way. So the dishes can wait, Zoey will only want to be with me all of the time for a few more years then the dreaded wonderful teenage years begin. Summer will be here before we know it and Zoey will have her cousins to play with so I am hoping to keep up with blogging soon!!!1

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Zoey has started a new phase in life, and she gets cuter and cuter everyday. I know I am supposed to say that because I am her mom but she makes me laugh all of the time. I get so excited to see her in the morning and then pick her up after work to see what she is going to do next. I am also so excited for summer to get here, so I can spend more time with her, being the stay at home mom that I want to be but can't manage financially.

A few days ago I sat her on her potty chair just so she could get used to it. I have no plans to potty train until this summer when I am home with her all of the time and she will have some consistency. She actually went potty and then was sooo excited at her new accomplishment. Since then she has used her new potty at least once a day if not more. In this new adventure I have discovered.... 1. Zoey will not potty in front of her Daddy. 2. Zoey will not potty unless she is completely naked. 3. After she is done she has to be the one to dump it in the toilet and flush the toilet. And... the grand finale 4. One of the side effects of having a mom for a music teacher. We make up silly songs with everything we do. She loves it. When she potty's on her big girl potty she and I do a dance singing the potty dance song. She jumps up and down naked of course, and shakes her little bare bum, smiling and laughing. After she is done dancing she runs and hides so I won't get her dressed. She prefers to run around naked. Cute, but it is cold and I make her get dressed.

New words... everyday she says a new word that comes out of left field. And then I don't hear it again. I am sure she will say it again in her own time.

The other day I let her finger paint. I put one of daddy's old t-shirts on her and covered the table so the paint does not get anywhere we don't want it. And then she threw her picture on the floor, of course it landed paint side down. I guess I forgot the floor. Lucky for us I got washable fingerpaint.

Her CF seems to be okay. We have about 8 days left of TOBI, I am noticing she is coughing a lot more during treatments, I am hoping all of the nasty bugs are getting out of her lungs. All of my classes have at least 4 or 5 students out sick and a few more coughing like crazy. There is a nasty bug going around town, I am hoping I manage to fight it off and I don't give it to Zoey. So far so good.

My MS.... I took two days off last week due to MS issues. I was hoping if I rested I wouldn't need to go on the IV Solumedrol that helps the MS symptoms go away but comes with a bunch of nasty side effects of its own. It did not help but I am still avoiding the IV. I already said in my last Blog that I was losing the feeling in my left hand. Now I am suffering from Vertigo. So dizzy. It is not bad enough that I can't walk right now though. I had it once so bad that I crawled on the floor because I couldn't walk. I took two days off and then went back to work. I know I need to rest but with my health and Zoey's health I am on thin ice at work. I have been getting strong hints from my boss at work that I need to go on disability. They can't do anything about it because I have my FMLA rights and I never go over the 12 weeks I am allowed. I still feel bad though, I love my students but I wonder if I am not being fair to them because I am gone all of the time. I feel so lost. I hate that I am gone due to my health and Zoey's health, and I hate that I burn the candle at both ends to work as much as I can, then I get sick, and then that is not fair to Zoey because I can't take care of her like I want to, and it is not fair to my students because I can't teach with as much energy that is required of an elementary music teacher. (We dance a lot). But if I give in and quit I will be losing a career I worked hard for, all the way through grad school. Not to mention the money is helpful with all of the medical bills.

Okay, my little debate with myself is done. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life is a wild ride

This post is a much needed update. I have found myself having no time to blog anymore. My husband and I work opposite shifts from each other so I cannot sit down and blog like I used too, Zoey will not let me and she is the boss of our house. :)

Zoey loves her pink vest, she loves how her voice vibrates with the vest. My husband does not love his job but he loves that he is treated better and makes more money.

Zoey is reaching age two quickly, on the 24th of this month I cannot believe it. Here is another terrible two tale, she will not stay off of our kitchen table. She wants to sit on it, I am constantly telling her no. To add to the "drama" I caught my dog, the rottweiler the one that had to have stitches in January, on the table yesterday. All four legs and 60 pounds of her. I have no idea what she was doing, there was no food out or anything. I can only guess that she wanted to play up there like Zoey does.

Our whole family including the dogs are feeling a little touch of cabin fever, we are ready for spring. My dogs obviously need to run, and so does Zoey. We need to get outside. I am not seeing it fast enough. I live in Wyoming and we usually have bad weather till April or May sometimes June. Yesterday we had a terrible snow storm. My job is on a hill. I could not get up that hill to go to work. The roads were terrible, I started to slide backwards. I went home and called work and told them to find me a sub that could go down hill to get there, I was not making it up the hill till they plowed the roads. It turned out to be fun at home though, just hanging with Zoey.

All in all everything is crazy but a good crazy, we are all healthy, well sort of. Zoey and Randy are great, I am great too but my MS creep-ed back into my left hand and I cannot feel my fingers. I actually lost feeling completely last summer and then it came back a little bit but never 100%. Now it is getting worse again. On the bright side I have re-trained my left hand to type with no feeling. I am not dizzy and I can feel my legs so I can function fine, so if my MS is going to creep in, the hand is the best place for it to be, it is the best of several different evils you could say.

I hope everyone reading this is well and I hope enjoying better weather than me. Here is a picture of Zoey on the kitchen table yet again. I wish I had gotten a picture of my dog up there but I was so shocked I just told her to get down before I could grab a camera.

 Her Pink Vest
 On the table before she decided to throw the table cloth on the floor

Tailor and Sienna my adorable nieces.  They are coming to spend half of the summer with us. I can't wait, they are so sweet and love to help me with Zoey. I love them like my own kids. Tailor the older one helps a lot with Zoey. Sienna gets middle child syndrome when Zoey is around because she is used to being the baby, so Sienna prefers to play by herself.