One face in 30,000 with CF

One face in 30,000 with CF
One of the many faces of Cystic Fibrosis

Friday, November 7, 2014

Here I am again

I was an elementary school music teacher for ten years. I loved my job but fate sometimes takes you in directions you can never imagine. I have MS and my oldest daughter has CF. The stress of having a full time job and being the primary caregiver for my daughter made me really sick, so I chose to go on disability.  When I was in high school and even college I would be astounded when girls would tell me their one ambition in life is to be a stay at home mom. There were girls I met in college who were just in college to meet a husband. I did not understand it so I mocked it. I still have problems with women going to college to meet a husband, I do however understand wanting to stay home with your kids.

I love staying home with my kids, however I miss my students and teaching, I miss having adult conversation during the day, I miss who I used to be. I know I made the right choice, however. The summer after I quit I was lucky that my husband was on nights because I could not function unless I had a three or four hour nap each day. I slowly got better as far as my MS allowed, I get new symptoms every so often, have had to use a cane a few times, which is hard for a thirty something woman to deal with. However, I am lucky, some other people with MS are in wheel chairs and in chronic pain. I am in pain but I can manage it most of the time with high doses of Motrin. There are days that I need muscle relaxers but I can't take them, they make me too tired and that does not work with having young children.

I am the stay at home mom of two little girls, Zoey who is 5 and Aryiah (Mariah with out the M) 20 months. They both keep me on my toes. I am also the proud mom of two labs named Aries and Ella. My husband Randy is amazing, however he works 80 hours a week to keep our heads above water. I love him for doing that but we all miss him when he is not home. Medical bills for two chronic illnesses even with insurance is killing us.

Zoey is in kindergarten and I home school her. I don't home school in the sense that I find my own curriculum and write my own lessons, she does online school. She is in Connections Academy which is still public school, she has a teacher, she just does it online. One big reason we chose this is because Zoey spends a lot of time going to doctors appointments and spending a couple of weeks in the hospital every once in awhile. We did not want her to get behind in school. However, we love it. Zoey only spends a couple of hours a day in school and she gets more classes. My favorite being a  music teacher is that she gets music classes from Julliard. We are both loving it. I am loving doing school with her, and I love the time I get to spend with her. My husband and I wanted Zoey to have a social life so we have her in cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance. She loves it and I love watching her. These are also good for her lungs and now she is pre diabetic so the exercise helps with that as well.

Aryiah is a little terror. I thought I had my hands full with Zoey, boy was I wrong. In the last couple of months I have found several rolls of toilette paper in my toilette, her daddy's socks, her sisters shoes, garbage, and toys. She terrorizes the dogs, slammed the door in my face today and is the cutest thing ever, we just love her and her little attitude, until she gets older then probably not. She is a total Mommy's girl so she wears me out to no end. She loves her sister unless sissy sits on moms lap, and she loves her dad most of the time, unless she wants mom at that moment in time. Once she learned how to walk it went from walking to running very quickly.

Needless to say things have changed a lot since my last post but we are all doing well.

Here are my girls, how fast they grow.

 Aryiah decorating a pumpkin

Zoey, ready for gymnastics